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18 August
In the space between footsteps
And in the hesitant heartbeat
Between impulse and act
There is blind sublimity
And the lucid heart
abstract expressionism, akira kurosawa, alfred stieglitz, ali farka toure, ambrose bierce, andy warhol, ansel adams, archaeology, bach, barbara tuchman, bartok, bauhaus, being john malkovich, being there, bowie, brian eno, cargo cults, carl perkins, chet baker, cigar box guitars, crime and punishment, cy twombly, david hockney, david smith, dead kennedys, degas, devil's dictionary, diane arbus, django reinhardt, dostoevsky, duane michals, dylan thomas, e.l. doctorow, edward hopper, egon schiele, executioner's song, ferlinghetti, floyd collins, foetus, found objects, francis bacon, frank lloyd wright, franz kline, garry winogrand, gary oldman, gene vincent, george grosz, george macdonald fraser, german expressionism, gilgamesh, gore vidal, hank williams, heinrich schliemann, hemingway, henri cartier-bresson, hiroshige, homer, i claudius, iggy pop, illuminati, in cold blood, isamu noguchi, jackson pollock, jim carroll, joe strummer, john cale, john ford, john fowles, johnny burnette, joy division, kate bush, kathe kollwitz, kronos quartet, kurt weill, laurie anderson, lee friedlander, light reflecting on water, lou reed, marianne faithfull, miles davis, modigliani, mythology, nick cave, nico, norman mailer, npr, omd, otto dix, pablo picasso, painting, patti smith, philip johnson, photography, pinball, rainer maria rilke, ramones, rashomon, richard francis burton, robert anton wilson, robert capa, robert gordon, robert graves, robert johnson, robert motherwell, rockabilly, roxy music, russell banks, secrets, shadows, silent films, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, smell of rain, social distortion, sound of rain, spelunking, street photography, talking heads, taste of tears, texas sunsets, the blasters, the clash, the cure, the magus, the stranger, the stranglers, the the, things unsaid, things unsayable, thor heyerdahl, tim roth, tom waits, toshiro mifune, tuxedomoon, ukiyo-e, ultravox, used bookstores, ute lemper, velvet underground and nico, vinyl records, wagner, wall of voodoo, warren zevon, white light white heat, wire, yes

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